Badgett Playhouse Theater

Madame Zodiak is in attendance… So it’s very lucky that, when the mystery troupe fails to show, she is there to entertain. Accompanying her are her much-younger new husband, Taurus, and her mousy, incompetent secretary/companion, Gemini. No sooner does Madame begin her lecture, however, when she is interrupted by a heckler. This heckler is Dr. Leo Turnbull, who is enraged that she is allowed to speak. He is a true scientist and is furious that she is allowed to spread her astrology hokum. And so, when Madame is poisoned, it would appear that he would be an immediate suspect. Or so think the others. It will be up to Security Guard Horace Cope (get it — HORACE COPE???) to lead the investigation and find out not only WHO murdered Madame, but HOW they did it in plain view of everyone!

Dinner Provided by Knoth’s BBQ, includes buffet style meal with 2 meat options, 3 sides, salad and dessert!

Badgett Playhouse

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