The Curse of the Hopless Diamond- Murder Mystery Dinner

Reginald Potter has his hands full. For one thing, his young wife, Daphne, wants to revive her Vegas career bankrolled by Reggie’s money. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have money — just the famous, fabulous and very cursed Potter Diamond. You would think Reggie could count on the famous detectives he’s hired to guard the jewel — and protect HIM from the curse. But they seem to be less than competent (an understatement!). Basil Benchley recounts past cases while overlooking evidence under his nose. Felicity Crump rocks and knits slipper-socks for her “boys in the slammer” — criminals she’s apprehended. Kelly Boggs, the world’s oldest teenage detective, is obsessed with forensics. And Harry Dinker is too busy changing into various disguises to guard the Diamond — or protect Reggie from its Curse. Will Reggie survive the evening? Will the Diamond be stolen? Will the gypsy Curse on the Hopeless Diamond claim another victim?

Badgett Playhouse

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